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Why Does Firefox Copy Opera?

Ive just seen the new firefox 4 beta 9 and what I seen just pissed me off really firefox? your going to copy opera 11 interface now? and what about there menu its basically the same but its orange wow great job firefox you fail once again from being original what do you people think about this?!

1777 day(s) ago

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I agree with you. Firefox 4 UI is pretty much the same as Opera 11. Mozilla is not capable of innovating. Exstensions is the unique innovation that Firefox introduced, but that was several years ago.

1777 day ago

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1742 day(s) ago
You know, actually I have seen the first mockups of Firefox 3.7 (which was the the planned pre-step to version 4 and last but not least not realized) including the Firefox Button *before* Opera 10.50 was released.

I know, I will get hate posts now, because the Opera users are of a special behaviour: While (or because) they only have a low market share, they're the ones who feel the most special about this and creep around on such web pages the most just wanting to hear again and again that they are using the world's best browser and life's unfair because of the market share. It's feeling like every 2 in 3 questions on this page prove what I say…

By the way, I was Opera user but switched back to Firefox at the time of any version 4 beta.

Excuse me for any grammatical mistakes, I'm no native English speaker.

Some people innovate, others copy!

Firefox extension makers doing the same job for last few years!

Posted 1776 days ago

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