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What is Google Chrome Canary build?

What is Google Chrome Canary build and how it differs from regular build?

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The canary build is very much like the dev build with a few exceptions. The major difference with the canary build is that it doesn't overwrite an already existing installation of chrome; it installs into another folder, separately from your main install. This means that you can have the stable/regular chrome and have canary installed on the side.

The canary build is updated even more frequently than the dev build so it has the latest features but also the latest bugs.

So if you want the stable build and the dev build installed on the same machine you can install stable + canary.

This is perhaps not so interesting for the regular user as the dev/canary builds have bugs and can be unstable but you could take a peek and then uninstall if it's not of interest. It can be installed alongside with the beta, dev and stable builds.

The canary build is currently Windows only.
You can get it here:

1858 day ago

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