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Chrome SpeedDial like in Opera?

Is there a way to "set" a speedDial field in Chrome like in Opera?
I mean, in chrome there are always the most used pages or something, but sometimes they are not the ones I want to have there, so I would like to set them like in Opera, by adding an URL to a field and then it ought to remain like I set it.

Is this possible?

EDIT: I am not looking for extensions, I'm asking about the default chrome installation.

1889 day(s) ago

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i am not a chrome expert. but as Google Chrome help suggests

Make thumbnails sticky
Thumbnails can appear and disappear over time, as your browsing habits change. To prevent a thumbnail from moving around, pin it to the page: Hover over the thumbnail with your mouse and click the button in the top left corner of the frame. To unpin the site, simply click the button again.

1888 day ago

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1887 day(s) ago
Didn't realize I could do this.

There's an extention called speed dial or you can click on the symbol on the left of very thumb in speed dial that let you stick that site

Posted 1888 days ago

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1888 day(s) ago
Read the question: I am not looking for extensions. I'm interested in the default browser and it's possibilities.

I believe so. Is this what you were looking for?

Posted 1889 days ago

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1889 day(s) ago
Oh, in that case. I don't think it is possible without the extension. :(

1889 day(s) ago
no, this is an extension. my question is about the default chrome installation. is it possible to set bookmarks/urls in the default new-tab-screen in chrome?

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